Event scheduled for 01.05.2020

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Date Fri 01.05.2020
Status Planning in progress - minimum number of people is not reached now!
Begins at 19:00 Uhr
Ends at 23:00 Uhr
Event Knight's Meal in German language with translation sheets in English
Entrance fee 49,- Euro per adult and 24,50 Euro per children (6 to 12 years)
After a guided tour you will take part in an authentic medieval feast. The Lord of the Manor will welcome you with a goblet of Moselle wine and make you familiar with medieval customs and table manners.
Servants and maids in period costumes serve you lavishly and pass you water to wash your hands so that you can eat with your fingers. Bread and lard make the rounds while a hot and spicy soup is steaming in the cookery pot. Huge drum sticks are served for the main course.
Jesters in medieval outfits provide entertainment and authentic music. Old "torture instruments" are displayed, and the evening climaxes with the traditional knighting ceremony.
The feast comes to an end with cheese, grapes, nuts and biscuits and the servants bring you water to wash your hands after "good fare and excellent wine".

Even though you may have travelled all over the world and eaten in the most basic or most exclusive restaurants, this kind of feasting will be an experience you'll never forget. It is simply an adventure that must be experienced. Go on a journey back to the Middle Ages when the Lord of the Manor declared to his servants and maids:

"Put up the boards!"

Please note:
Included in the price is a tour of the castle, the substantial knight's meal, a tumbler of wine, the original earthenware castle tumbler as well as entertainment by historically dressed players. Further drinks will be charged additionally.

Tickets must be booked in advance. Please use the Information- and booking request form!
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